Let’s get your website rolling and put YOU in the DRIVERS SEAT!!

You Want to Harness the Power of the Internet and LIVE Your Passion. But…

Does Building a WordPress Website Have You Stumped?

Our Do-It-Yourself WordPress Training Videos Make WordPress Easy To Use and Understand with On-Demand Recordings You Can Watch from the Comfort of Your Home or Office.

With GFYDMember’s WordPress Training Programs you can literally Have Your Website Up and Running in as little as just ONE hour!! All So You Can…

  • Take Your Web Presence From Non Existent or OUTDATED To Sharp and Up-To-Date with the WordPress Dream Theme
  • Easily Understand, Use and Implement WordPress and the GFYD Member Dream Theme with STEP-BY-STEP Instructions
  • Learn for Yourself How to Create a Professional WordPress Website Design
  • Understand the Engine That Drives the GFYD Member Dream Theme and the WordPress Dashboard
  • SAVE Time and Money – Learn to Easily Maintain Your Own Website!
  • Understand Basic Search Engine Optimization to Drive FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website
  • Build a long-term, successful online business from the ground up
  • Align your passion with your business
  • Attract your ideal clients

… And FINALLY take control of your website, your online business AND your success while you enJOY more freedom and make more money.


“I Had Some Real Breakthroughs In Realizing My Passion”

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I had worked with Kimberly in life coaching and had some real breakthroughs in realizing my passion. With that, I was already hooked! When Kimberly proposed I join the WordPress Website Workshop, it was a no brainer. I have always believed “When the student is ready, the teacher will come”. That is exactly what happened. Not only have I been able to give my own websites the look and feel that I want, but I have become a leader in my field.

The first GFYD Member WordPress Website Workshop was fantastic!!! Since then I have attended the second session and truly realized the massive value Kimberly and Ben put into each and every workshop!!! It is the best money I have ever spent on not just a training program, but an online business building community!! To Our Massive Success…”

Diane L. Fisher

Kimberly Bohannon

Hi, my name is Kimberly Bohannon, and I am so glad you’re here!

You’ve heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Well, you are here today because… YOU ARE READY! Yes, you are here for a reason, a divine purpose, as you follow your heart to reach new heights in your life by creating an online business.

It is not by chance; it’s a calling. A calling to align yourself with your heart’s passion, find your purpose and achieve your full, true potential.

In fact, your decision to follow your heart’s passionate yearning to BE in business for yourself and make a positive difference in the world by sharing your gifts, talents and knowledge is propelling you forward to TAKE immediate action to…

Align Your Passion With Your Business… So It Thrives

Social NetworkingWell, I’ve experienced it first-hand. You see, with the growth of the Internet and the building of COMMUNITY through social networking sites, I knew early on that the opportunities online were endless. So I spent YEARS tapping into MY passion by learning how to create and grow an online business on the web.

Unfortunately, I took the long route on this. Among continual trial and error, I participated in many coaching programs that cost $2000 or more each to find, market and grow my niche online business through a website and blog. But none of them actually got me closer to having the site I envisioned.

And honestly one of the biggest challenges I faced over the course of my journey was how to actually make my website LOOK PROFESSIONAL on my own and without having to spend even MORE money on outsourcing to a web developer.

To be clear, I have nothing against outsourcing and now leverage my resources accordingly as I run my online business. But let’s face it… when you’re just starting out, you want to do as much as possible on your own to save your cash. And besides, most of us have a hard time outsourcing something we don’t understand anyway.

So FINALLY after years of long and hard searching for an online-business-building platform I could work with, control and understand… I found THE solution…

WordPress: Fun & Professional, Easy to Use & Understand

Searching the Internet for Blogging PlatformsWordPress has all the bells and whistles YOU WANT to really GROW your online business for the long haul. (See the many WordPress benefits here.) Plus, it’s fun, easy to use and easy to understand. And, of course, WordPress’s many premium themes look professional – NOT like an amateur struggling to grow an online business. After all, in the Internet world… perception is REALITY!

And let me tell you, I purchased several of those themes. Yet, despite ALL WordPress has to offer, every time I purchased one I struggled to make it look and function JUST the way I wanted it to. Not to mention I spent countless hours trying to learn how to use all the individual features of the themes themselves. So over and over again I found myself wasting time trying to figure things out by jumping into the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and html code.

That’s when I made the decision to create a coaching program of my own. But MY WordPress training would be different. It would focus on just ONE THEME so it could be easily mastered. And it would be built within the concept of COMMUNITY so help and support would always be just around the corner.

Helping Your Create A BlogThe best part, though, these step-by-step programs could help others JUST like me who want to…

  • Build a highly successful, long-term online business with the very real potential
  • to earn a 6 and 7-Figure income every year
  • Escape the 9-to-5 rat race
  • Stop trading dollars for hours, and start living the life of your dreams.

All to help you build your online brand and align your passion with your business.

And now, together, we are going to shave years off your learning curve by…

  • ELIMINATING YOUR FEAR of using WordPress by holding your hand and helping you understand how to maximize ALL the features of the WordPress Dream Theme 3.0.
  • MAKING YOU AN EXPERT at easily creating and updating a dynamic WordPress website or blog without the help – or expense – of a busy webmaster!
  • PAVING YOUR ROAD TO ONLINE SUCCESS, by removing all the obstacles and making it easy for you to use the tools to execute the process.
  • PROVIDING TOP-NOTCH, RESULTS-DRIVEN BUSINESS COACHING that helps YOU build your online business… not just a website or blog… from the ground up.
  • HELPING YOU GET RESULTS by sharing with you the step-by-step process of how to build your business to achieve financial freedom and independence.

Just how are we going to do that?

GFYD® Member WordPress Training Videos

For as little as $97, you can literally start learning TODAY with our Home-Study WordPress Training Video Courses. But spend just a little bit more for our Gold Package, and you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

What’s Included with the GOLD Package…

    Build A Successful WordPress Blog
  • Multi-Site Personal License of the WordPress Dream Theme 3.0
  • 30-minute Quick Start Training Video on how to use the Dream Theme 3.0
  • Access to members-only content and training
  • 90-Minute Webinar Training Video – PayPal Buttons and Shopping Carts
  • Access to the WordPress Website Workshop 8 Modules of Training Webinars
  • Access to the Internet Marketing and Business-Building Experts MP3 Recordings – Over 14 Hours of Training
  • Free WordPress Q & A Webinar Replays
  • Free Teleseminars
  • Free Theme Upgrades for One Year

Module 1: Getting Started

Whether you’re brand new to WordPress or converting an existing site that is already online, in Module 1 we cover all of the essential first steps to get you up and running quickly!

In this module, we cover:

  • What You Must Know Before Setting Up Your Hosting Account
  • How to Install WordPress in Under 5 Minutes
  • Top 5 Secrets For Securing Your WordPress Blog
  • What Most People Don’t Know About Backing Up Their Website

- - - - - -

Module 2: The WordPress Dashboard

Let us help you finally put an end to the frustration of trying to figure everything out on our own! In Module 2 we cover everything you need to know about the WordPress Dashboard.

In this module, we cover:

  • The Most Important WordPress Settings to Change After Installation
  • The Proper Permalink Structure You Should Be Using
  • How to Setup Your WordPress Categories the Right Way
  • The One-Click Method to Upload a Custom Header Image

- - - - - -

Module 3: Content Management

WordPress is the most user-friendly content management system on the planet, and in this module we’ll teach you how to begin adding content, so you can be in full control of your own website!

In this module, we cover:

  • The Key to Creating Search Engine Friendly Pages
  • How to Create Hidden Pages On Your Site
  • The Easy Way to Insert a Contact Form
  • The Secret Ingredient to Make Text & Image Formatting Simple

- - - - - -

Module 4: Pages, Posts & Plugins

How do you make sense of the hundreds of different WordPress plugins? Which ones should you be using and which ones should you definitely be avoiding on your website?

In this module, we cover:

  • How to Stop Spam Dead in its Tracks
  • The Best Way to Link Your Website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • When to Use Categories and When to Use Post Tags
  • Why Breadcrumb Navigation is Important

- - - - - -

Module 5: WordPress Dream Theme Overview

Now is where the fun really begins! Discover the engine that drives the Dream Theme! In this module we’ll show you how to navigate the Dream Theme Options page so you can quickly find your way around.

In this module, we cover:

  • How to Install & Activate the WordPress Dream Theme
  • An Overview of Available Options / How to Navigate the Dream Theme Options Page
  • Installing Recommended Plugins
  • Choosing a Home Page Layout
  • Dream Theme Page Templates
  • Dream Theme Widget Areas

- - - - - -

Module 6: Customizing the Dream Theme, Part One

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to make your site truly unique … in this module, we’ll show you how to customize your header image, font colors, navigation menu, and featured content slider.

In this module, we cover:

  • WordPress Dream Theme: General Settings
  • Customizing Your Header Image
  • Customizing Your Site Background
  • Setting Up Your Menu Navigation
  • Using the Featured Content Slider

- - - - - -

Module 7: Customizing the Dream Theme, Part Two

Take your site to next level! In this module, we’ll show you how to further customize the Dream Theme by adding footer widgets, tracking code, and social profile links.

In this module, we cover:

  • Adding Footer Widgets to Your Site
  • How to Edit the Footer of Your Site
  • How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • How to Add a Feedburner Subscription Box to Your Sidebar
  • WordPress Dream Theme Social Profiles Page

- - - - - -

Module 8: Advanced Dream Theme Customization

If you’re serious about building a blockbuster online empire, then this module is for you! Discover the tools and techniques used by pros to make their sites truly shine!

In this module, we cover:

  • WordPress Dream Theme Custom Settings Page
  • How to Change Font Styles & Colors (Basic Style Settings)
  • Customizing the Primary & Secondary Navigation Menus
  • How to Edit WordPress Dream Theme Template Files
  • Recommended Tools for Advanced Editing

But Wait! It Gets Even Better Because with the GFYD Member Gold Package You Can…

Use The Premium WordPress Dream Theme
On As Many Sites As You Want

As long as you OWN the URL, it’s that simple, and that’s how confident we are that you’re going to LOVE the Dream Theme as much as our members do.

Like Misty…

Misty Vanderweele“It will be the best money you ever spend!”

What can I say the WordPress Website Workshop came to me at just the right time. I was in the middle of publishing my very first book I wrote, “In Your Face” Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy All Pain…All GLORY, which was a gift to my son for graduating high school but more importantly as way to capture his presence while he is still here on the planet with me/us. You see he has Duchenne, the most common fatal form of Muscular Dystrophy, I was told I would be lucky to have him live long enough to see his late teen years. Through the editing process I realized the book could inspire a Duchenne Movement. However I had big problem. My web presents was messy all over the place, I knew what I needed but I didn’t know how to create it.

That was 4 months ago! Kimberly and Ben really know what they are talking about. They took the complex world of WordPress and chunked it down to bit size pieces so anyone can fire their webmaster. I love that I know how to make changes myself without waiting on anyone and if I run into a stumbling block I can go back and listen to replays or hop onto the forum, and if I am still stuck I can contact either of them and they help me out in a personal- yet professional and timely manner… PRICELESS! I recommend this training to anyone wanting to take control of their website or blog, it will be the best money you will ever spend!

Thank you Kimberly and Ben for helping me learn how to create a beautiful website for my message of inspiration!”

Misty VanderWeele

PLUS, depending on the package you choose…

You'll Also Get These Incredible FREE Bonuses!

WordPress Tip of the DayWordPress Tip of the Day Video Archives

We’ll give you FREE Instant Access to the complete WordPress Tip of the Day Video Archives! Our WordPress Training Video Library will help you stay on the cutting-edge of WordPress!

WordPress Q & A Replays - Most Frequently Asked Questions... Answered!WordPress Q & A Replays – Our Most Frequently Asked Questions… ANSWERED!

Are you a watch-and-learn kind of person? If you’re stuck on a particular point, our Q&A Webinars take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to solve the most common problems users have in getting started with WordPress and the Dream Theme.

Custom Designed Header ImagesCustom Designed Header Images

Upload your own custom-designed header image using one of our professionally-designed header image backgrounds. You can display your site title and tagline automatically in the header, or add your own logo and custom image using any image editing application, such as Photoshop or Picnik.

WordPress Tip of the Week Video Archives

WordPress Tip of the Week

We’ll give you FREE Instant Access to the complete WordPress Tip of the Week Video Archives! Learn how to setup an Amazon S3 Account, how to podcast using WordPress, how to customize your PayPal checkout pages, how to setup advanced contact forms, and so much more in our growing collection of WordPress training videos!


WordPress Weekly Webinar Replays

WordPress Weekly Webinar Replays

The online industry is ever-changing. If you don’t keep up with it, you lose. At GFYD Member, we covered these “hot” topics requested by our members, such as how to install, activate and USE: WordPress JETPACK, Event Calendar Pro, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Feedburner, WPtouch (Free Version) | Making Your Site Mobile Ready Part 1, and WPtouch Pro | Mobile Themes for WordPress Part 2. And now these recordings are archived here for you to watch whenever, and as often, as you like!!

14 Bonus MP3 Calls with Social Media, Internet Marketing & Business Building Experts

Social Media

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by social media? Don’t know where to start or how to stay on top of everything? In these information-packed teleseminar calls we’ll share with you all the tools you should be using to automate your social media efforts, saving you tons of time and helping you build a true community around your brand. Plus, a variety of ways to build your online presence with not only social media, but video marketing, product creation, creating a success mindset and more.

All About SEO Bonus Module

All About Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in driving more traffic to your site! In this module, we’ll teach you how to create a WordPress site that attracts traffic like sugar attracts ants. In this module, we cover: The Fastest Way to Get Your Site Indexed By the Search Engines, How to Get the Most Results-Driven Headline for Your Target Market, How to Effortlessly Attract Your Ideal Client, and How to Effectively Use Meta Tags

1ShoppingCart and Authorize.net – 90-Minute Training Video

1ShoppingCart & Authorize.net

Learn how to setup a shopping cart for your website using 1ShoppingCart and Authorize.net! We’ll show you how to sign up for an account, how to customize your check-out pages, how to create “Add to Cart” buttons and coupon codes, and so much more! We’ll also explain the difference between a “payment gateway” and a “merchant account” and tell you everything you need to know to get started right away!

WishList MemberWishList Member – 90-Minute Training Video

Learn how to install and setup the most popular membership plugin for WordPress! We’ll show you how to integrate WishList with 1ShoppingCart, how to setup your membership levels, how to protect content, how to create a sign up now button, and so much more!

Or… Start building websites for clients in your local area with the GFYD Member PRO Package. With the PRO Package You Can…

Use The Premium WordPress Dream Theme
To Build Sites for Clients

Like Ira…


Ira Wolfe“This workshop is worth every
minute and every dollar.”

It’s not often these days that I find ‘experts’ who actually exceed my expectations. But Kimberly and Ben did it impressively week in and week out.

As I move forward into the next phase of growing and building my business towards digital downloads, I know that I can rely on Kimberly and Ben to provide the training needed towards a successful future!

Too often, self-proclaimed Internet gurus reel you in with introductory seminars and workshops only to find you need to purchase another level of training to get the answers you really want. But Kimberly and Ben (and Courtney) opened their entire chest of treasures, tips, and tricks on the first night and never let up. Their delivery, support, follow-up, and interest in every participant’s success is genuine and helpful.

Initially I was a very reluctant participant. Having managed my own websites already, I wondered what I could possibly learn. I even waited until the last day to sign up. But I can tell you now without any reservation that this workshop is worth every minute and every dollar. The WordPress Dream Theme alone is worth the price of admission.

For anyone wanting to start an Internet business or even just to become a smarter consumer of website design and online marketing, Kimberly and Ben are two people you must get to know. The Go For Your Dream WordPress Workshop is a must.

Ira S Wolfe

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…
Read What Others Are Saying About the GFYD’s WordPress Training Programs:

Chris Lucas“I’m proud to say I’ve manged to create a site I’m actually quite proud of.”

“What I love about the theme is it’s nice and easy to use and it gives me the flexibility of being able to update my site when ever I want and do just about anything I want with it. I’m proud to say I’ve manged to create a site I’m actually quite proud of.

I’d tried other themes before including free and paid ones and they simply didn’t give me the ease and flexibility I have now and I just couldn’t seem to get them to look good. I don’t have that problem now… not now that I have my DREAM theme.”

Chris Lucas

Melodie Licht“I am so thankful to have found Go For Your Dream and the wonderful, all-inclusive internet training program.”


As I am still in learning mode, encountering software programs I need for my project website, I’ve come across numerous training programs. On face value the programs appear to offer what I need, however, when I join a webinar or sign up for a mini-course, I’m finding myself in training programs where packages are put together quickly, unrehearsed and ‘stumbly,’ not to mention the unrelentless up-sell email communication.

I am so thankful to have found Go For Your Dream and the wonderful, all-inclusive Internet training program. I say ‘Internet’ because your programs, website, forum, Q&A webinars, etc., encompass more than just WordPress, and includes all the little tips and information along the way that are absolutely invaluable. So far, I haven’t come across one program that compares to the quality and expertise of the programs and content delivered by GFYD! This in turn raises the value of your training two-fold – or maybe more!

Thank you for the care you and your team put into the training offered at Go For Your Dream. If I hadn’t come across your ‘try before you buy’ videos and took a chance on your program, I might have thrown in the towel by now. GFYD keeps me pushing forward, knowing I will get there eventually – ‘One Dream, One Goal, One Step at a time.’ (GFYD motto)

KUDOS to you Kimberly for putting together such a great training program and team. Ben and Courtney round out the program with their own individualized skills, expertise and personalities and add to the excellence of the training you provide through Go For Your Dream. GREAT JOB! All I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

Melodie Licht

Curtis Hall“What you are providing during these workshops is fantastic!”

This is one of the best purchases I have made. The timing was providential.

I had contacted Ben after seeing a website I liked and the company gave me his name. Time passed between my first contact but when I contacted him last month to hire him to build my new WordPress site he told I could learn all I wanted through the workshops. He was right but more than that he could have simply built the website and I would have paid what he asked. Instead he let me know about learning it all for myself. I’m so glad he did. I feel honored to be in the first class and I wanted you to know that the value I’m receiving is much more than what it costs. Thanks!


Curtis Hall

“THE BEST investment I have made in my business.”

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Becoming a GFYD Member is THE BEST investment I have made in my business. Want an on line presence? You gotta have a WordPress Platform. You also need to know how to market yourself on line also. GFYD Member provides an incredible service that is invaluable on how to not only build your own WordPress website, but you also get valuable training on how to make your business grow and thrive via Social Media which is constantly changing and business coaching as well. GFYD provides a complete package NO ONE ELSE is offering on how to grow and build and on line business. I love it that I’m constantly learning new things all the time from ‘The Dream Team’.

As I move forward into the next phase of growing and building my business towards digital downloads, I know that I can rely on Kimberly and Ben to provide the training needed towards a successful future!

Shari Fitness


Click HERE to Learn More About Our GFYD Dream Theme

GFYD® Member Site Showcase

Click the link or a thumbnail image below to visit the sites built by our GFYD Members:


View More Testimonials Here

Besides all having built their online businesses on the GFYD Dream Theme and with our WordPress training videos… What all of these GFYD Members know is:

The Way To Build a Long-Term Successful Business Is To Share Your Unique Talent In A Way That Really Makes A Difference To The People You Serve

See, your success lies in what YOU have to offer to the world. It’s your uniqueness that will separate you from your competitors and actually make it so you will never again have to worry about what they’re doing. This happens because when you align your passion with what you love and want in life and in business, an energy is created. And the Universe will provide an abundance of clients looking for what you have to offer.

Well, you’ve got the passion covered, right? Now the important thing is for you to FOCUS on building your business for the long haul.

In fact, one of the most influential personal development and peak performance coaches I highly respect, Gary Ryan Blair, said this once and it rings ever so clear and true…

“The truth is that UNLESS you have a system that pushes, challenges, and literally forces you to accomplish your goals by taking the steps necessary each and every day than you’re never going to make any significant and lasting progress for the better.” ~Gary Ryan Blair… The Goals Guy

Thankfully, after all your searching for THE way to build a successful, profitable online business… Now… Your search is over…

YOUR Website Building SYSTEM is HERE!

So JOIN US to align your passion with your business and FINALLY figure out how to create a WordPress blog. It’s why you are here today. You are ready! and your teachers are, too!

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Kimberly as a business coach and workshop leader. She is a dynamic motivator and truly an expert on breakthroughs. In addition to coaching expertise, Kimberly has technical skills second-to-none. Do not miss her workshops! She makes the most difficult and technical aspects of business easy.”

“Kimberly’s coaching is an exciting and invaluable experience that will powerfully transform your business and life. She truly empowers everyone to get where they want to go. I highly recommend this leader and courageous lady!”

~Elizabeth Clark

And… get ready to Go For Your Dream and…

Take Control of Your Online Business... Your SUCCESS!

Take Control of Your Website

No matter if your journey so far has been a short one, one years in the making or one made out of necessity or pure desire…

Do YOU think you can… just like The Little Engine That Could? Well sure. That’s why you’re here. Because the time is RIGHT… to go back to that time when your dream began as a child, when the world was at your fingertips, when that little blue engine taught you to THINK you could do ANYTHING.

Only now, KNOW you can. Bring YOUR PASSION online. Create your OWN Website – your own business – without depending on anyone else. Make a difference in your life.

And let GFYD Member SHOW you the way. Like they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Together, Let’s DO This. Let’s…

And Put YOU in the DRIVERS SEAT!!

Membership Does Have Its Advantages

So… Here Is What’s Included…


Click here to Download the Basic Package Now!

*Single-Site License

Unlimited Updates for One Year

3.0 Quick Start Dream Theme Training Video

WordPress Training Video Tutorials

Dream Theme Training Tutorials

BONUS #1: Access to the WP Tip of the Day Archives

BONUS #2: WordPress Q & A Replays

BONUS #3: 60 Pre-Made Custom Headers

BONUS #4: WP Tip of the Week Archives

BONUS #5: WordPress Weekly Webinar Replays

BONUS #6: MP3 Teleseminar Calls with the Experts


BONUS MODULE 2: 1ShoppingCart & Authorize.net

BONUS MODULE 3: Wishlist Member Plugin Tutorial


**Multi-Site Personal License

Unlimited Updates for One Year

Access to the Member’s Forum

3.0 Quick Start Dream Theme Training Video

WordPress Training Video Tutorials

Dream Theme Training Tutorials

BONUS #1: Access to the WP Tip of the Day Archives

BONUS #2: WordPress Q & A Replays

BONUS #3: 60 Pre-Made Custom Headers

BONUS #4: WP Tip of the Week Archives

BONUS #5: WordPress Weekly Webinar Replays

BONUS #6: MP3 Teleseminar Calls with the Experts


BONUS MODULE 2: 1ShoppingCart & Authorize.net

BONUS MODULE 3: Wishlist Member Plugin Tutorial

*The Single Site License may only be installed on one domain.
**The Multi-Site Personal License may be used on an unlimited number of your personal domains. If you would like to purchase the GFYD Member Dream Theme for clients, you can purchase our PRO License for only $397 and start building websites for clients using the GFYD Member Dream Theme. With the PRO package, you receive all the benefits of the GOLD package plus a multi-site developers license.

Are there any ongoing fees for GFYD Member?
Answer: No. GFYD Member is a one-time purchase. However, if you would like ongoing support and unlimited updates after the initial year from your purchase date, there is a $47/year charge. But if you don’t want support and unlimited updates after the initial year, there are absolutely no ongoing fees.

Start Learning WordPress Today!

It’s Time to Take Control of Your DREAM…


Select an Option That is Right for You…

And Get Started TODAY!!

Single License – $97
BASIC Package

Multi-Personal License – $297
GOLD Package

Developer’s License – $397
PRO Package

P.S. Remember… Taking control of your online presence is an essential part of your success as an Online Business Professional today. GFYDMember.com is your “Go-to Place” so you can manage, update and take control of your website… YOUR DREAM!

Let’s do this together…


~Kimberly Bohannon & Ben Cope

Kimberly Bohannon & Ben Cope

Still Not Convinced?

GuaranteeJust to make sure that you are exceptionally satisfied with our training, we’d also like to provide you with a no-risk, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee! If for any reason at all our WordPress Training doesn’t live up to your expectations, or you aren’t satisfied with the service we provide, simply let us know and we will give you 100% of your money back! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by investing in the training, service, and products we provide!!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual business changes or examples of actual results don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital, and there is no guarantee you will earn any money.

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