What’s It ALL About GFYD Member??

Helping You Overcome…
I Can’t, I Don’t Know How, I Can’t Afford It!

In Building a WordPress Website & Growing an Online Business

Grow Your Online Business

Invest in You.
GROW Your Online Business.
Profit From Your Passion.
Go For Your Dream.

Are you…

Still in the traditional mind-set of trading hours for $$ but looking for a way to make an online business work for you… even when you’re not at the computer?

Worried Woman

    checkmarkWorking constantly because who knows if the opportunity will be there next month?

    checkmarkUnsure which direction to go in now that you’ve gone through all the effort of building a website to live what you love online?

    checkmarkNervous about embarking on the online business-building journey on your own?

After all…

Maybe you’re new to this web and html stuff so you don’t understand a lot of the terminology… or you’re afraid too many of the wrong moves might break your bank account… or you don’t even know where to start.

Then there are those delusions of grandeur that you’ve surely seen from the “big” online marketing gurus: Use website widget x, Internet platform y, marketing strategy z, and you’ll be an overnight success story for the decades!

Sure, that sounds amazing, but you can’t be lured by the big guys. They’re established. They’ve been at this for a while. So if you jump in and follow what they’re doing, it’s just not going to work… well, not right away. Instead, buy into reality: they had to start somewhere. Now, YOU need to do the same… start where it’s right for YOU…

Introducing GFYD Member:
Where Smart People Go to Learn WordPress.

Expert Help with WordPress

GFYD Member is here to help you learn how to build a WordPress Website you can update, control, manage and understand ALL on your own.

checkmarkNo more waiting on a webmaster.

checkmarkNo more wasting your hard-earned money trying to figure things out yourself.

checkmarkNo joke.

GFYD Member’s On-Demand and LIVE WordPress Training programs allow you to:

  • Learn to build a WordPress website or blog like the PROS
  • Cut your WordPress learning curve by more than half
  • Walk away from our WordPress Training programs with everything you need to start building your online business
  • See just what makes WordPress and our premium theme – the GFYD Member Dream Theme – easy to use, understand, follow and implement
  • Learn with the “Dream Team” as they share with you years of first-hand experience in achieving true control over your own website, whose goal is to now empower you with that same control by by helping YOU understand the powerful WordPress platform
  • BE in control of your own success!

If you’re ready to build an online business, take a look at our On-Demand WordPress Training Programs