Meet the GFYD® Member “Dream Team”


Hi, my name is Kimberly Bohannon, and I am so glad you’ve visited GFYD Member…

Where Smart People Go to Learn WordPress!

I created because I understand all too well what you’re going through. I’ve been working on living my own dream since 1992 and began trying to take it online in 2006. Little did I know it would take years to make any real progress!

For example, the first home study course I purchased took me almost 6 months before I knew enough to launch my very first page LIVE online! S-I-X months! That’s because so much of the training was confusing… I spent countless hours digging through the never-ending rabbit trail of information. And even when I did, all the sites looked the same – boring, outdated and unprofessional. You could spot one from a mile away! Not to mention I had to continue to pay hosting for this service month after month to maintain ownership of my own site!

In the end, I spent thousands of dollars and WAY too much time searching for a platform to easily build and manage a professional looking and functioning website …on my own and without having to spend even MORE money on outsourcing.

Now, I have nothing against outsourcing. But let’s face it… when you’re just starting out, you want to do as much as possible on your own to save your cash. And besides, most of us have a hard time outsourcing something we don’t understand anyway. Then I found…


What a breath of fresh air to find WordPress with its powerful content management system and naturally SEO optimized core code! Plus, it’s really easy to use and understand. And, most of all, there are a ton of premium WordPress themes that would make me look good online!

But I still wanted to make some changes and truly make my site my own. Yet I couldn’t quite figure it out. Every time I purchased a premium WordPress theme I just couldn’t make it look and function the way I wanted it to. Over and over again I found myself wasting more time – countless hours, really – trying to figure things out on my own.

The key phrase there is “on my own,” and boy was I tired of getting little or no support for the themes I had spent my hard-earned money on! So then I began a new search for…

Step-by-step WordPress training…

A Wesite You Control Yourself

To teach me how to build a WordPress blog. I searched high and low, but unfortunately I couldn’t find what I was looking for… at least not in the price range I wanted. Sound familiar?

That’s when I made the decision to create WordPress Website training of my own.

And as it turns out, learning how to build my own website and blog wasn’t the only reason I wanted to create my own WordPress training program. See, I learned a lot throughout my journey, not the least of which was discovering my true passion: teaching, especially teaching people how to create a website to build an online business. And creating my own WordPress training courses would allow me to do just that.

To achieve my goals, however, I needed to BECOME AN EXPERT on ONE Premium WordPress Theme FIRST.

Even better, I needed to partner with the right people who would teach me AND help me teach others how to create a WordPress website like the pros. People who share my passion for creating websites, building a strong online presence and who are willing to grow with me.

I found that team of experts and specialists.

And now, we are combining our knowledge. I’ve also created a “dream team” that provides clear and complete WordPress training, continuing education and ongoing support. Now that’s unheard of!

And help like that is key, as our team shares our knowledge and experiences with you… so you don’t have to deal with all the bumps in the road that I did.

Sure, you’ll have work to do. It’s your business… so you have to participate, or you won’t succeed.

But we provide the guidance, direction and accountability you need to move forward. And as any good coach knows, if you tackle things bit by bit, you’ll learn it; you’ll understand it and then you’ll USE it.

And Successfully Go Where Your Passion Leads!

Providing the Tools You Need to Help You Succeed…

One Dream, One Goal, One Step at a Time.