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Easy Tips to Avoiding Plagiarism on your Blog

When Starting a Blog or Writing Content for an Existing One… Here Are a Few Easy Tips to Avoiding Plagiarism on your Blog.

Avoiding Plagiarism On Your Blog

There has probably never been a technology with as many intellectual property law implications as the Internet. The Internet allows massive file-sharing, lightning-fast research and the propagation of information over global distances. This means that you’re always at risk of plagiarizing someone, either inadvertently or, if you’re not particularly disposed to honesty, on purpose. If you’re of the latter type, no advice can help you. You can avoid accidental plagiarism, however, with only a fast review of some of the things you learned in high school.

Whenever you mention specific research or art in your blog, be sure to cite it. For example, if you used a quote in your text—or even a very close paraphrasing—make sure you mention who said it. You wouldn’t want to say that a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing without mentioning that Oscar Wilde said that first, and that it’s not your original idea. The same is even more applicable to research and statistics you use. Be sure to give credit to the original authors. With broad knowledge, however, it gets a bit trickier.

Technically, it wasn’t an established theory that nothing moves faster than light until Einstein came around. However, that particular piece of information is so well-known that you can mention it without plagiarizing anyone: everyone knows that. However, if you started mentioning the work of a specific physicist, like Stephen Hawking, you would need to make sure you pointed out that it’s his work you’re referencing, not your own. If you quote a movie, a book, a song or a television show, the same holds true. With media, it’s actually a bit easier.

If you want to use video on your site from a major news source, check their site for an embeddable version of that media. This makes it clear to all your readers that it’s not your own video and makes sure the creators are properly recognized. If something says that it is not to be reproduced without permission that means that you cannot use it without actually talking to the creator. Some sites will use such material under various “fair use” protections, but this gets tricky and you have to be sure that you know what you’re doing.

Plagiarism can get you in a lot of trouble, so be sure to be aware of your content!

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  1. Fred Grover says:

    Kimberly. That was a great article post. So many times in life people forget to give credit where the credit is truly deserved. This is probably one of the most overlooked subjects that people do not realize what they are saying and you have now shed the light on this subject. Keep up the great work.

    Fred G.

  2. Thanks, Fred, and that is so true. Often we fail to give credit due because, I believe, we fear that by giving credit to someone else we stand the chance of losing the client. But that is quite the opposite… giving credit where credit is due, lends credibility to who we truly are. What goes around comes around as someone once said =)