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Good SEO Writing | Keeping Blogs on Topic

How Does Good SEO Writing Help Your Rankings with the Search Engines?

Focus on the Topic When Writing Articles

Keeping your blog focused on its stated topic is vital.

It’s important to SEO because it ensures that your blog is actually about what it claims to be about. It’s also important for simple readability issues.

Many of the blogs out there claim to be centered on one topic and, upon examination, prove to be scattershot, at best. Keeping your audience interested means letting them know what to expect and then delivering outstanding content that caters to those expectations. People do not like to have their time wasted, so don’t waste it when they visit.

On-topic blogs will naturally have good SEO writing in them.

This is because they’re actually addressing the topic at hand, not attempting to trick a search engine into ranking them for a topic that they don’t cover. If you’re writing about your topic naturally, you’ll find that a lot of the keyword phrases that you’re fighting for probably fit into your articles effortlessly. This, it so happens, is exactly what search engines are looking for. When you create quality content, you’ve already won half the battle.

If you cannot think of topics to write about, remember that it’s better to revisit a topic you’ve already covered than to write something completely off-topic. This is not at all being redundant or a case of Internet reruns. Information changes all the time and, looking back through your past articles, you may well find that you could have expanded upon some points and clarified others. If this seems lazy to you, remember that even magazines and newspapers run the same stories over and over, with updated content and information to keep them fresh.

If you can’t think of examples, holiday articles are great ones.

Every year, there are new articles teaching you how to cook the same Christmas cookies, and people read them, even if they know how to make the cookies already.

You can be creative with your topics, but make sure that they do relate to the subject of your blog. It’s better to have several blogs that cover each different topic than to have one blog with an identity crisis.

Generally, search engines will not look favorably upon blogs that aren’t particularly focused, as they don’t really provide useful resources to anyone at all.

They tend to look like sloppily-constructed and poorly-maintained destinations, and search engines generally ignore such sites.

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