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How to Open an Affiliate Banner in a New Window

Hi Everyone!

In this video I am going to show you how to open an affiliate banner in a new window.

The reason you want to make an affiliate banner open in a new window is to keep the visitor on your website. So here’s how it works: when your visitor clicks on an affiliate ad banner any where on your site, that link will open in a new browser window.

I discovered how to do this when recently an affiliate ad banner was not coded to open in a new window. Every person who clicked on that banner left my site… forever! Arrrggghhh!!!

Watch the video to see how to keep the animated gif image, upload it to your server (so you are not hotlinking the image), insert your affiliate link, and how to make that image open in a new window!!

Here is the example used in the video. Click on the affiliate ad banner below to see how the link opens in a new window…


Then, watch the video below!

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Any questions? Please leave your comments below…

Go For Your Dream,

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  1. Kim Lerner says:

    Great Information Kimberly! I learned this the hard way years ago.. It’s great that you thought of posting this.
    Kim Lerner

  2. Kimberly Bohannon says:

    Me too, Kim. This is why I created this entire membership site… to help others cut the learning curve in half =) Any videos you want to see… just let me know!! ~Kimberly