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Relationship Marketing

Align Your Passion with Your Profession So YOU Can CRUSH IT and Grow Your Online Business!

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book CRUSH IT is a MUST read… at least twice. Within the first chapter I became so excited that immediately I was drawn back into KNOWING that my passion is EXACTLY what was going to help me crush it this year AND help others crush it too.

FUNNY PART about this post… I did this video before I launched my new website (which is where you are NOW ­čÖé … and look at where this lead me! Coincidence or Destiny?

I agree with Gary Vee, “Your relationships build your business!” In the world of social media… it’s all about relationship marketing to attract your ideal clients to you.

And if you truly want to be uber successful at what you do, then its also important to live your life with passion and purpose while joyfully making more money doing what you LOVE best and going…

Where Your Passion Leads!

It is all in the connections you make and those whom you interact with socially online that can ultimately help you grow your online business exponentially.

The most powerful and effective way of marketing your business today… SOCIAL MEDIA! Your social media marketing efforts are what will help you build and connect with your target audience through this powerful way of relationship marketing. Gone are the old ways of marketing!

Now, you don’t have to be perfect to bring what you have to offer to other people, but you DO have to make valuable connections to grow your “tribe”… people who are attracted to you because you have something of value to offer them. A solution to a particular problem they face.

It’s time to get back your MOJO and turn chaos and disorganization into smooth flowing systems which allow you to follow your passion and work with you, what you are coded for, instead of you desperately trying to grasp and hang on to doing something you don’t enJOY that just pays the bills and doesn’t help you make progress in your life TOWARD living YOUR PASSION and sharing that passion with the world!

You are here because you have a special gift, talent… or knowledge that will help someone else.

This is how I discovered what I was meant to do… by realizing how I could solve a particular problem for someone else.

Your ideal client IS a mirror image of you. They want what you want.

For me, I realized how important it was to me to build my own website… myself. I didn’t want to pay someone to do it for me. I wanted to know how to do it myself so I could make changes, updates and manage it without being help prisoner to anyone else!

And that’s when it hit me. I had spent literally thousands of hours and a ton of money learning how to build my own website, how to use social media, video, audio… and so I decided to share that knowledge with those who had the same interests as me!

My ideal client… wanted what I was passionate about… how to build their own website so they could be in control of their business and ultimately their own success.

And so I connected with my partner and together we created the WordPress Website Workshop.

We teach you everything you need to know about setting up your very own website in simple, easy to follow steps… and no prior experience necessary! Everything you need to know about our WordPress Training and Products can be found here on our site.

Our WordPress Website Workshop starts with helping you create a blog or website and then helping you learn everything you need to know about how to create, update and manage your website YOURSELF!

No more being held hostage to a webmaster or paying a king’s ransom to one either.

We want to help you create a highly successful and PASSIONATE website that will grow year after year, so we also bring in Social Media, Internet Marketing, and Business Building experts to help you develop the types of relationships Gary talks about in his book.

RELATIONSHIP MARKETING… connecting with your ideal client doing something you are truly passionate about. That’s how you WILL… CRUSH IT!

Looking forward to helping you crush it! Thanks Gary Vee… your book ROCKS!

~Kimberly Bohannon

About the Author

Kimberly Bohannon is extremely passionate about helping you learn how to create a WordPress website in simple, easy to follow steps with no prior experience required so you can update, manage and control your site yourself. She and her team have put together WordPress training tutorials that are available RIGHT NOW!

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