Anne Buchanan

“How good it feels to be making progress…”

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to be making progress and to be getting past all the places where I have gotten stuck in the past and just couldn’t find the instruction I needed to put things in place. Kudos to you all!”

Anne Buchanan

Sonja Lovas

“Your support is fabulous!”

“Thanks to Go For Your Dream for all your help with the website I set up for my husband.

After being live for only ONE week he was contracted to list a business and his web traffic has tripled! He is all smiles and so am I. Could not have done it without you guys! Not only does your program and training work, but you made it so easy to understand and implement! Your support is fabulous!

It used to be not know where to go for answers. That’s why the Forum on GFYD Member is so great! I get answers.

Sonja Lovas

Brad Miller

“The training videos are excellent with the presentations being step by step hand holding – easy to follow along.”

My inquiries to GFYD Member prior to joining were promptly and thoroughly answered by both Ben and Kimberly. The price was reasonable and affordable to become a member. Now since having access to the site and using the videos, forum and other resources I would have to say it is an incredible even ridiculous value. All this and I haven’t even scratched the surface with all the videos available to members. There is information and resources added constantly.

The training videos are excellent with the presentations being step by step hand holding – easy to follow along. Just what I needed.

If anyone is on the fence because of past experiences with internet training and other “how to” products. Don’t hesitate any longer… jump! GFYD Member is VERY different. You’ll be thrilled. GFYD Member is levels beyond other programs and memberships and that is without even talking about the Dream Theme you receive with your membership too!

The Dream Theme is versatile and slick – easy to navigate and customize. You’ll be kicking yourself for all the time wasted using other themes and training.

Thank you for setting me free from that ‘other’ site building platform. You have over delivered in every area.

Brad Miller

Sheila Sylvestre of

I felt like a kid in a candy store where I could help myself to all the goodies available to build and update my own website.

“Kimberly has a heart of gold with electric energy and a passion to see others succeed. Ben is calm and thorough showing you step by step what to do in a clear and easy to understand way. I love the format of the recordings of the Live Workshops to go back and review information segment by segment. To top it all off they teach you about SEO, Social Media and other on-line business tips AND promptly answer your questions on the group discussion board.

Your training has saved me thousands of dollars, I know because I received quotes from other webmasters! Over and above the savings and your expert knowledge is having my own confidence to update and continue to enhance my site – that’s priceless. I’d recommend to anyone interested in creating an on-line presence. Kimberly, Ben and Courtney over-deliver!”

Peace and Joy~
Sheila Sylvestre

“Surpassed all my expectations …”

“I was more than blown away by the fantastic content and extremely professional well developed presentations that Kimberly and Ben provided during the GFYD WordPress Website Workshop I recently participated in. I am more than pleased with my new skills and like the fact that Kimberly and Ben did not waste any of our time together and it was easy to follow and understand for anyone at any level. Kimberly is so committed to providing excellence in her products and service and consistently displays a high level of integrity in her work and her follow through. Kimberly is a passionate and committed trainer and has definitely surpassed all my expectations in the course and information!”

Kathy Smart

“THE BEST investment I have made in my business.”

“Becoming a GFYD Member is THE BEST investment I have made in my business. Want an on line presence? You gotta have a WordPress Platform. You also need to know how to market yourself on line also. GFYD Member provides an incredible service that is invaluable on how to not only build your own WordPress website, but you also get valuable training on how to make your business grow and thrive via Social Media which is constantly changing and business coaching as well. GFYD provides a complete package NO ONE ELSE is offering on how to grow and build and on line business. I love it that I’m constantly learning new things all the time from ‘The Dream Team’.

As I move forward into the next phase of growing and building my business towards digital downloads, I know that I can rely on Kimberly and Ben to provide the training needed towards a successful future!”

Shari Fitness

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Dianne Pennington

“I was able to accomplish all of these goals thanks to the Dream Team”

“A little over a month ago, I was on Facebook browsing several sites when I found Kimberly Bohannon’s URL associated with her profession. I decided to check the site out and while I had no clue what WordPress was, I decided to further investigate the topic by reading some articles online and talking briefly to Kimberly on the phone.

It did not take long for me to realize that this class was something I had to take so that I could be in total control of all my websites. I received no sales pitch, but simply the honest truth about using WordPress for websites and blogs.

I wanted to take the class because my Mom and I are putting together a major fundraiser in Atlanta, GA benefiting two diseases. While I was overwhelmed just thinking about everything I needed to put on the website, each weekly webinar with the step by step instructions made it so easy to do a little bit at a time.

My main objectives were to have pages with lots of information about the event, as well as having my website connected to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Linkedin. Later on during the course I discovered that having a blog on my site could really drive traffic to my website and that blogs are very SEO friendly.

I just thought that a blog was just like a journal entry and would be a waste of time, but little did I know that this was completely false. I discovered that I could post links to articles as well as write updates about news related to the site. I was able to achieve all of these goals. I will continuously be able to add information to the site as time progresses. I was able to accomplish all of these goals thanks to the dream team and look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Dianne Pennington

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Debby Beachy

“The Smartest Online Business Decision I’ve Made”

“Becoming a member of ‘Go For Your Dream’ (GFYD) ‘WordPress Website WorkShop’ is the Smartest Online Business Decision I’ve Made. Just like the physical home you live in, you need a home on the Internet in which to call your own if you’re going to build an Online business or presence. Kimberly and Ben have made this possible with the ‘WordPress Website Workshop!’ The benefits of being a life-time member of GFYD community has already proven to be VALUABLE as a business owner! The “dream-team” Kimberly, Ben and Courtney work together with positive energy to make learning FUN and RICH with tons of VALUE!

Much of what we do Online will be out dated within a few months, but the one thing that’s CLASSIC and CLASSY is WordPress. With the “dream-team’s” expertise in social media, business coaching, high positive energy, artistic flair and quite steady EXPERT knowledge of WordPress, I will always be on the cutting edge of technology with a creative presence AND the training to put it all together! Thank you “dream-team” for your vision and entrepreneurialism!”

Debby Beachy

Doug Gobel Designs

“They have demystified the process and even made it fun!”

“I am a web designer. I am like the architect and I hire builders to build my sites as html, xhtml, php, css, seo, social media, et al, get to be a bit much! And I can do what I do well, design. Now, with the help of the dynamic duo, Kimberly and Ben, I can do it myself! They have demystified the process and even made it fun! With Ben’s beautiful designs as a starting place, anyone with the help of Kimberly and Ben, can make their site unique to them. A custom fit is always better than off-the-rack! And best of all, Kimberly and Ben empower each member to go for their dream! Dollar for dollar, this 2-month class is a steal! Don’t hesitate to come onboard, and now it’s even better now that Courtney Engle has become one of the leaders! She has the ability to cut through the gordian knot of information regarding social media and relate it to us in a very easy way. WordPress is the way of the future! Having the ability to modify your own website is invaluable! And having the ability to promote your business, and leverage social media is a God-send! I’m looking forward to the next class!” Douglas Gobel, happy GFYD member

Thanks Everyone at GFYD!”

Doug Gobel

George Bato

“The GFYDMember WordPress Website Workshop gets my highest recommendation!”

“Having been involved with online marketing for the past four years, I was continually frustrated with creating an online presence. I tried many “business in a box” packages that supposedly included your own website, but ultimately required more computer skills than I had. So I ended up spending even more trying to get assistance to get the website to look the way I wanted. That turned out to be very expensive and, once again, frustrating.

Taking the GFYDMember WordPress Website Workshop was one of the smartest decisions I have made. I had a fully functioning website up and running within the first few weeks of the course, and then continued to modify and expand features during the remaining weeks of the course. By the end of the course, I had a professional looking website that looked exactly the way I wanted it, complete with images, videos, links, affiliate banners, sign up forms, and a whole lot more.

Most important, the GFYDMember course taught me the skills to build and update my website when I wanted to, in real time, without a webmaster! That is huge, not only in the ability to customize the website exactly as I want, when I want, but also in terms of saving tons of money. From experience I know that the cost of having a webmaster build a website like mine could have cost me 10 times what I paid for the course.

I continue to learn more about new plugins and tools that help me keep my website fresh and updated. I continue to receive glowing comments from clients and subscribers to my website, and have had requests to build websites for others.

As for The Dream Team, they are two of the most professional, knowledgeable and conscientious people I have met in the world of online marketing. They treat their members like family and take a personal interest in their successes. Kimberly has extensive experience and knowledge with SEO, Social Media, and running an online business. Ben is truly an Internet Genius. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about the inner workings of using the WordPress platform to build a website or blog, although his technical knowledge and skills extend far beyond just WordPress.

As a team, Kimberly and Ben offer what I consider to be one of the most valuable and informative courses for building an online business using WordPress that I have encountered, and I have encountered a lot.

Kimberly and Ben, and the GFYD Member WordPress Website Workshop get my highest recommendation.”

George Bato

Joy Williams

“They Take the Mystery Out of Website Building”

“The Dream Team has put together an amazing and fantastic service. The Go For Your Dream WordPress Website Workshop is overflowing with valuable information and content. This membership puts you on the cutting edge of the latest instruction about WordPress. WordPress can be a bit daunting, but they take the mystery out of website building. They have extremely professional presentations that are relaxed, fun and friendly.

The Dream Team has helped me personally with a new look and feel for my website that I absolutely love. Even though I have not had time to follow every workshop, I can access these trainings through the membership website and go back when I have time… that is awesome! No longer will I have to rely on a busy webmaster to update my site. I cannot recommend this invaluable training enough and look forward to growing my site. Thank you again!”

Joy Williams

“No Webmaster Restricts When Or How Often I Can Make Changes”

“Kimberly, Ben, Courtney and the team behind GFYD Member, are two of the most giving and educated people I have encountered online when it comes to websites, WordPress and a lot of the additional resources needed (like AWeber, 1ShoppingCart, Google resources and lots more) to make a website that fulfills all business online needs.

I participated in the grassroots WordPress Website Workshop and was totally stunned by the value and level of training, especially being the first time they had ever taught the WordPress Website Workshop. There was nothing not covered, and for every question Kimberly and Ben were quick to accurately answer them. Plus they never left us without a way to contact them. They provide email contact and developed a GFYD Member forum where all messages were answer daily. I was never without an answer to questions and that kind of customer service is difficult to find!

When I became part of the GFYD Member student family I met a variety of others with very diverse backgrounds, websites and purpose, and it didn’t matter what subject, business or topic a website had, Kimberly and Ben easily helped and educated each of us uniquely in the processes of being your own Webmaster.

It’s great! Plus with their website training I have truly enjoyed creating the website I imagined. I always say my website is always a work in progress because my imagination never sleeps. Ideas are always coming to me and the website does not restrict them, and no webmaster restricts when or how often I can make changes. It all equals freedom!

Great value, true compassion along with a genuine drive for the dream of me and those who attend their class, Kimberly and Ben make being a member of GFYD (Go For Your Dream) one of the best experiences I have encountered online. I’m extremely grateful for all they have taught and continue to teach.”

Sheri Bambrough

Diane L Fisher

“I Had Some Real Breakthoughs In Realizing My Passion”

“I had worked with Kimberly in life coaching and had some real breakthroughs in realizing my passion. With that, I was already hooked! When Kimberly proposed I join the WordPress Website Workshop, it was a no brainer. I have always believed “When the student is ready, the teacher will come”. That is exactly what happened. Not only have I been able to give my own websites the look and feel that I want, but I have become a leader in my field.

The first GFYD Member WordPress Website Workshop was fantastic!!! Since then I have attended the second session and truly realized the massive value Kimberly and Ben put into each and every workshop!!! It is the best money I have ever spent on not just a training program, but an online business building community!! To Our Massive Success…”

Diane L Fisher