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Tips on How to Use Audio or Video to Increase Event Sales

TypingHave you ever planned a webinar, public speaking or video event? If you have then you know the planning and time involved working out all the details. Between meticulously refining the content and strategizing a healthy opt-in audience time is limited. By the time the event is done you’re either happy with the turnout or wishing the event had better results, but whichever way your event goes there are ways to improve upon its success.

Whether it was a webinar, speaking event or a developed video you worked on, the audio is the wealthiest part of the entire event. There is so much you can do with that audio to expand your reach. From a simple replay link for those who wanted to participate in the event but missed it to a unique 140 character Twitter update, the possibilities are only as limited as your ideas.

There is still more that can be done the audio alone like a downloadable mp3, or sound bites uploaded to sites like AudioBoo at a later date to draw attention to your website and message. Yet why limit your performance? One of the best things you can do for your audio is get it transcribed, then once that is done consider:


As much as we live in a world where audio and video are becoming the prominent source of information, there are still times when reading is preferred and sometimes even more convenient. By having a transcript you do not restrict your audience or the search engines. After all, they will pick up this as well and pull traffic back to your site. Now there is a bigger audience for your next event.

Blog Post:

Every audio contains multiple sections, and these sections can be broken down into multiple blog posts. For example, if you had a webinar about mind-mapping you could break it down into blogs like Why Mind-Mapping is Helpful, The Purpose of Mind-Mapping, and The Rules of Mind-Mapping.

Now depending how in depth of your event, you could break down the content further than main points for blog posts. Consider the sub points, and maybe even expand those into upcoming blog posts. Consider the mind-mapping example, if your event mentioned using a mind-map to determine goals, then have a blog post just about that.

Begin by explaining to your readers how to start the mind-map with a picture of Self in the middle followed by curved lines to the key areas of life (relationships, career, home, health, and fun), then instruct your audience in ways to expand those. Maybe there is another blog post from your event that can help people improve study and reading techniques. Just how many ways could you break your event down? It’s so much easier to figure out when you have the transcript in hand.

Social Update:

Throughout your audio you may find gems, those sentences and quotes that leap out with meaning and can be used for Twitter and Facebook updates. They will keep people interested and even draw them back those blog posts, replays and videos with links included. They can even be used to draw an even bigger audience to your next event!

These are just a few of the things you can develop from a transcript. You can use that transcript to write all over with ways to improve for your next event, but also use it to pull the ideas. Start with a mind-map on each topic. The possibilities are only limited by your thinking.

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Sheri Bambrough has a background in Public Relations, graphic design, writing, editing, magazine publishing, and training. She believes the world deserves only the best from her and she enjoys helping others in any way she can with their project. You can contact her through her websites at Aspiring 4 More: and Aspiration Ink:

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