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Are You Desperate for REAL WordPress Help?

Do you have a great product, service or cause to grow online but often find yourself completely STUCK on actually creating a website to help you do it? Maybe you’re trapped by a webmaster… or just exhausted from trying to fix the issue du jour all on your own. I recently met someone who felt just like that: Sandra Centorino, Founder of CUREChief and the feature of the next GFYD Member live WordPress Case Study.

Take a look at what Sandra sent me on Facebook:


PLEASE let me know how I can best contact you as I am desperate for an answer on a WordPress problem I have. I am so confused… I have been working on this for 3 days over 20 hours and I am so frustrated, I am wondering if I am just missing something stupid??  I am pretty much just guessing at everything I did so far.”

Now, there’s definitely a sense of urgency in a plea like that. But it pales in comparison to Sandra’s story and what she’s trying to achieve with her website.

Like so many of us who have in some way been affected by cancer, Sandra found out several years ago that a lifelong friend of hers, Patti, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Instead of just lending her support through a phone call, letter or email, she took her daughter’s suggestion to make Patti a head kerchief out of the fabric remnants they had in the basement. Patti loved it, word spread, and so the CUREChief was born.

To date, more than 200,000 of these little “blankets” for the head have been sent across the globe! WOW!!

Bring Your Passion Online!

For years, though, she depended on a webmaster to maintain the CUREChief website. But she knew she had to take the reins herself…to make updates, elevate the blog, integrate social media… to really take this touching effort to the next level. So she made the leap to WordPress. Yet the way was still not clear.

The last straw? Adding a shopping cart so she could more easily take requests for CUREChiefs and donations to keep her amazing not-for-profit venture afloat. After 3 unsuccessful days trying to do it on her own, she contacted me.

Take Control of Your Website, Business and SUCCESS!

How many times have you felt like Sandra? There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to move forward with your online business when it needs – and deserves – attention. It’s no wonder people go from theme to theme, free or paid, searching for answers to questions that only increase their frustration.

I know first-hand because that’s exactly what prompted me to seek out the experts to help me. I wanted to – and did – become an EXPERT on ONE theme. And NOW I want to help YOU do the same.

Join me and the GFYD Member team as we help Sandra Centorino transform her website in our

GFYD Member WordPress Case Study Webinar

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Here is What You’ll Learn on the Webinar Replay …

  • How to Install the GFYD Theme
  • What is the best permalink setting to use?
  • How to use the Featured Content Slider
  • The ONE essential plug-in you need for SEO
  • The ONE essential plug-in you need for Easy Navigation
  • How to Add “Buy Now” buttons
  • How to Customize your PayPal shopping cart header
  • Choosing a color scheme
  • How to customize the header image
  • How to setup breadcrumb navigation
  • The ONE plug-in that will help you share your site in a click
  • How to setup a PayPal shopping cart
  • Adding a “View Cart” button to your site

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It’s time…

Bring YOUR PASSION online. Create your OWN Website without depending on anyone else. Make a difference in your life – OR someone else’s (like Sandra). Be your own boss. Build a REAL ONLINE BUSINESS! GFYD Member is here to SHOW you the way…

Go For Your Dream,

Kimberly Bohannon & Ben Cope

Kimberly Bohannon & Ben Cope
Co-founders of GFYD Member

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