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WordPress User Roles and Your Team

Does every member of your team have the same access on your WordPress site? If your answer is yes, set aside a few minutes to make some much-needed user setting updates. Here’s why:

WordPress blogs have four user roles you can assign members of your team: administrator, editor, author and contributor.

Administrator access gives the user complete control and ownership of the site. WordPress recommends only assigning one administrator per blog, since a lot of responsibility comes with the territory. Administrators have the power to delete blog posts or pages—even the entire blog.

Editors can publish, edit and delete all posts or pages, as well as moderate comments, and manage categories, tags, links and images.

Authors can only edit, publish or delete their own posts.

Contributors can create and edit their own posts, but do not have the access to publish content. Contributor posts need administrator approval before being published, and once the post is approved by an admin, the contributor can’t make any changes. Contributors do not have file/image uploading access.

Now that you know a little more about user roles, spend some time thinking about who on your team should be given what access. Think about role responsibility in terms of blog security—like who has the power to add or remove content—and what unnecessary precautions might lead to mismanaged time—like not giving a core team member the access needed to add images to his or her post.

Once you’ve decided on appropriate user roles, here’s how you (or the administrator) can make the changes:

  1. On your blog dashboard, go to the “Users” panel. You can find this toward the bottom of your left rail navigation.

  2. WordPress Users

  3. Check the box next to a user’s name and avatar. Select the “Change role to” drop down menu, and select the appropriate user access.

  4. How to Change the User Roles in WordPress

  5. Click “change,” and you’re all set!

Just a friendly reminder that WordPress 3.2 Beta 1 is now available for download. And the dashboard clean and simply delicious.

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