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Writing SEO-Friendly Blogs

Writing SEO-Friendly Blog PostsWriting SEO-friendly blogs is not only a necessary study for bloggers, it’s also a lot of fun.

Beyond concentrating on keywords and trying to get a specific density of those words on your page, writing in an SEO-friendly way helps you to stay focused on your topic. If you do it correctly, rather than writing a blog that reads like a bad attempt to use the same phrases over and over, you’ll end up with an entertaining, useful entry that will keep people interested and that the search engines will recognize as a legitimate resource that deserves indexing.

Your first step will not be writing. You’ll need to do some research to find out what keywords are best-suited to your blog. Remember that it’s better to be specific. As an example, if you were writing a blog about pet care, you’d be hard pressed to compete for that generic term. You’ll do better to pick a more specific term, such as “dog grooming”. In this example, you’d have to be even more specific to make the keyword useful, due to competition. To make it even more useful, you may choose something like “big dog grooming”. This significantly narrows down the competition.

You’ll need to include various permutations (different versions combinations) of that keyword phrase, as well. For example, you may include “dog groomer”, “dog groomers” and so forth. You can work these terms naturally into your content, which makes the article easier to read. It also doesn’t waste your reader’s time by serving them unintelligible, keyword-stuffed articles.

When you get good articles on your blog, remember to link them! Search engines look very favorably on sites that allow readers to actually surf the Internet, and linking to quality content—“quality” being the important word—will reflect well on your site.

You’ll need to submit your site for indexing to make sure that the search engines find it. You’ll also want to make sure that your keywords are included in the title of your site, the headings of the articles that apply and in your meta-tags.

Search engines will find you by your content, after a time, but submitting to the largest search engines is the best way to get ahead of the game. Most importantly, never try to “trick” a search engine by including keywords that don’t apply to your site; you’ll be removed from the indexes for good.

These are just a few SEO tips to make your blog search engine friendly. Remember, writing a SEO optimized blog post will help increase your chances of landing on the first page of the results when your potential prospect, or visitor, is searching for your specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Here are “10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Search” that I found while researching writing Search Engine Optimization friendly for your blog.

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Kimberly Bohannon is extremely passionate about helping you learn how to create a WordPress website in simple, easy to follow steps with no prior experience required so you can update, manage and control your site yourself. She and her team have put together WordPress training tutorials that are available RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks for your right-to-the-point advice about blogging SEO. Very helpful to see it presented to straightforwardly. So is it begin with selecting your keyword or begin by writing? Chicken or the egg? For me, writing a new blog post involves refining BOTH at the same time, and gradually bringing them closer. I'm finding the eventual keyword emerges more and more clearly as I begin considering what I'll write about. Similarly, the beginning article gradually takes shape the more I think about the keyword. Not too confusing, actually. Don't we all think about things this way?

  2. Kimberly says:

    Hi Robbie,

    Absolutely, I agree with you. Many times I start with the keyword. Then I research keyword phrases and go from there. I choose my topic, my keywords and then the article or post takes shape from there.


  3. Love the article Kimberly!!! Seo is very time consuming and it is great to have your resources available to help!! My inspiration usually comes before I start anything. I love thinking about what I will write about when I am driving or riding my Harley with my husband. Then I come home and make a list of all the keywords by doing research. I couldn't have done it without you Kimberly!!! You taught me everything I know!!!
    To Our Massive Success

  4. well,i do have many blog talking about doamin providing free blogs, i have a good keyword research, and work on them a lot, my own blog is still do have good ranking, and going with the same criteria stilll

  5. Shari says:

    it s a nice article.interesting one.
    thanks for sharing this.