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Writing Tips for Blogging to Expert Audiences

Blogging Advice for Expert Audiences

Writing Tips for Blogging to Expert Audiences

Blogging for experts is tough work. Here are a few writing tips for blogging to expert audiences.

Expert audiences are the most critical of all audiences and, of course, they’ll catch any mistakes you make. You’ll also find that these audiences will be the most likely to pass your site up if they don’t find what they want right away. Your content will have to be very specific, very intelligently written and, most importantly, unerringly accurate in its content.

This actually presents you with a great SEO opportunity: linking to other sites. If you do this right, an expert-level blog on any topic can be a big hit.

As an example, consider a site that caters to those who enjoy fixing their own power scooters. This will have some crossover with the motorcycle-riding audience, so you have a nice demographic from the start. An expert-level blog on this topic should concentrate on the types of problems that people face when fixing their scooters, not on troubleshooting, basic maintenance and so forth. The latter article subjects are beginner-level material and they’ll quickly bore an advanced audience out of being interested in the site. Start with solid material.

One of the advantages of writing a blog for experts is that you can concentrate on small subjects in great detail. This makes it much easier to come up with interesting content. For example, while a beginner-level article about scooter lighting may have information about changing your headlights, an expert-level article may be about the various types of headlights on the market, the electrical systems that they’re compatible with and the power of each of those specific lights. Oftentimes, you can break such articles into short sections about each product and then compare them at the end. You can do the same for any aspect of the scooter, in this case, such as the tires, suspension and so forth.

When you make claims, be sure to link to a high-quality site that backs those claims up. Not only is this very appealing to an expert audience, it also helps your SEO efforts. By linking to other sites, you begin to build a tremendous resource for your readers, which is exactly where search engines want to send those readers. Don’t dumb-down your content on these blogs. If you want more basic information made available to your readers, write a beginner-level blog and link to it from your expert site so that readers can make their own choice.

What thoughts and experiences can you share on how to connect with an “expert audience” on your blog? Post your comments below…

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