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I’ve got something great for you today!

Viral MarketingHave you ever noticed how we so often focus on the tougher markets for our business? You know… the one with all “the possibilities”? But when we do that we’re missing our “goldmine.” The one that, more often than not, is right outside our own window… with the targeted audience in your niche…

Yes, that’s right. Those who need your (or your client’s) services AND live right around the corner… Your LOCAL MARKET! Where the sky is the limit.

The fact is… connect with locals… and there is gold in them hills!

Watch the video HERE…

“But Kimberly,” you say… “I’ve heard you before when you proclaimed the Yellow Pages to be dead. If that’s the case, how do I market locally these days?

Why, the Internet, of course. It’s not just for the “global” market. Think about when you shop in your area, go to the dentist, the doctor, the mall… you look ONLINE for what’s out there close to home. Well, others – YOUR ideal customers – are doing the same
thing! AND… they are ready to buy.

But not just any online marketing will do. VIDEO is the key! And it’s easier than you think!

My friend Lewis will show you how he does it in this video where he shares the 3 MOST important ingredients you MUST use to attract LOCAL business for yourself or your clients…

Yep, there are TONS of opportunities to drive paying traffic right into your LOCAL business by simply using video. And YouTube… which costs zilch!!” Gotta dig that.

It’s really all about local search and targeting a niche. So look in your own backyard FIRST. And watch Lewis’ video here… talk about a goldmine!

Go For Your Dream,

P.S. Oh yeah, and just to share a few stats with you… “more than 80% of the Internet using population in America alone watches video online… web searchers are spending 63% of their time WATCHING VIDEO vs 20% on FB and Twitter. YouTube is the 3rd MOST visited site in the world and the 2nd largest search engine… with over 2 BILLION VIEWS A DAY!” Don’t YOU want to grab some of those views?!? Watch Lewis’ video to learn how!

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Kimberly Bohannon is extremely passionate about helping you learn how to create a WordPress website in simple, easy to follow steps with no prior experience required so you can update, manage and control your site yourself. She and her team have put together WordPress training tutorials that are available RIGHT NOW!

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